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Into the Fog (we go)

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Fog…Mysterious…Strangely comforting. I have seen it, been a part of it, some say I've been in it. I am drawn to it. 

Into the Fog is a journey for me. A journey of understanding my own eye for my work.
Into the Fog is more than anything about clarity.

I will be printing some selected pieces as a folio.

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Winter Speaks 1

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I wanted to begin a new series that will take a few years to finish. Winter Speaks will  span 3 years. Each year a new gallery to be published with the previous winters editions. I will publish a folio with selected prints from each year and after 2014 a book on the project. 

So as the air begins to chill and we await what the coming winter has to say. 

I present: WInter Speaks "Year One". 

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