Special Edition Print Folios

Special Edition Print Folios are a collection of loose, unbound prints defining a content that is more like a book than a random stack of unsequenced prints.

Floral Folio
Into the Fog Folio
Winter Speaks Folio

In my folios, I use a title page to lead things off, then typically a statement about the project, the images pages come next, sometimes an afterword is appropriate, and the last page is a colophon.

Folios are numbered by printing edition. I sign the title page and hand-number the colophon.

A typical First Edition, First Printing will be three to five copies, sometimes as few as two, on rare occasions as many as thirty.

They are wrapped in tissue and enclosed in an archival quality box.      

Floral Sequences
$75.00 | ​Shipping: $10.00




Into the Fog
$75.00 | ​Shipping: $10.00




Winter Speaks
$75.00 | ​Shipping: $10.00