The Floral Sequences: Print Folio



(see images below)

The Floral Sequences Print Folio is a collection of 10 loose, unbound prints defining a content from my "The Floral Sequences" series that is more like a book than a random stack of unsequenced prints.

I use a title page to lead things off, then typically a statement about the project, the images pages come next, sometimes an afterword is appropriate, and the last page is a colophon.

A typical First Edition, First Printing will be three to five copies, sometimes as few as two, on rare occasions as many as thirty.

Folios are numbered by printing edition. I sign the title page and hand-number the colophon.


They are wrapped in tissue and enclosed in an archival quality box.

$75.00 | ​Shipping: $10.00





Images contained in the folio…